The Lansing Group, Ltd. (TLG) is a consumer packaged goods Sales and Marketing Management Company. TLG provides a variety of services for consumer packaged goods manufacturers who desire to sell and market their products to retail outlets such as supermarkets, dollar, drug and mass merchandise accounts. TLG provides both direct sales support and consulting services to supplement our clients’ current corporate business structures.

Through TLG's deep knowledge of the retail marketplace and a strong manufacturing background, we are in a unique position to help our clients drive sales and profit growth. 

TLG assists its clients in a number of ways:


TLG will supply a salesforce to supplement a manufacturer’s current sales staff in the following areas:

  • Sales of overstock products, short-coded, discontinued product or other items a manufacturer wants to sell outside of their current distribution channels.
  • Sales to alternate retail channels such as mass merchandisers, club stores, dollar stores, drug accounts or other accounts for which the manufacturer may not have a salesforce in-place.
  • Sales to mainstream supermarket accounts.


    TLG offers consulting services for manufacturers who desire assistance in: 

  •  Product innovation and new product development
  •  Writing marketing plans
  •  Ongoing sales and marketing support
  •  Structuring a broker network
  •  Product sourcing
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